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"Deanne is an incredible teacher. I had a beautiful session with her and learnt more about my body and posture in our 1:1 than I have in any other yoga class. She’s intuitive, personable and a magical energy to be around. I left feeling completely reset and rejuvenated. I couldn’t recommend Wild Thing Yoga more" (Kim) 

"I have a young sleep thief and was in great need of some me time. I had never been to a retreat before. I went with an open mind and a love of yoga. I returned with greater love, respect and understanding of myself. I am in Awe of Kim and Deanne and the wonderful work they do. Truly magical. Thank you both."  (Laura)



“Thank you both so much for today. For giving so much to the group. It was really special today, amazing energy. It’s a special escape for me to be able to get this time back for me and start to connect with my true being again. I’ve been swamped with family and lost a little but today, was a time for me and I feel great. Thank you for creating something so special. You’re wonderful beings.”  (Rachel)

“Again, thank you, from my soul to yours, for yesterday. There was a calming cloud of energy over the space and though everyone was on their personal journey, I felt very much embraced by every warming soul there. Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to experience something as empowering as that.”  (Amira)


“Thank you for yesterday. You guys are amazing! I still can’t beleive how physically reqarding and emotionall connecting the day was.
Thank you x” (Ezgi)


“Thank you again for all your endless energy and wisdom yesterday...you truly create a piece of magic! You should be soooo bloody proud that you have the ability to bring a group of strangers together and have EVERYONE oat away smiling and hugging!” (Emily)

“The pace of the day, the beauty of the setting, the gorgeous, nourishing food, the helpful and eye opening exercises, the well pitched yoga session, the grounding meditation(s) and the overall atmosphere-pure magic! I came away feeling so replenished and open. I floated out into manic city life again with a sense of calm, robust self that is still serving me well" (Anna)