I’m really enjoying the freedom that this new home chapter is bringing - aside from the fact that I’ve taken these 2 weeks off to build my nest, my mind is full of fresh ideas - for flows, for practice, for events, retreats, life plans & everything in between. I finally have the space I was seeking.


The word ALLOW had been coming into my mind in London a lot - allow it to unfold, give it time, be patient (something I’m not altogether that great at -there, I’ve admitted it!) but I tried to allow in all areas of my life & it now just feels right...today we’re taking the day off painting & unpacking our home by the sea in Brighton. We’re gonna go paddle boarding, practice yoga, mooch our new area & enjoy the sunshine - bedding into this place that already feels so much like home.

When things can get too much, just allow it to happen - something I think Londoners can get bogged down with, not naturally allowing & giving things the space & time they need to process, grow, open up & develop...

Anywho, that’s just me...but this piece of art from @liviacoloji represents this chapter in my life so well, so I thought I’d share it x