H O M E 🌿🌸🌳☀️

I didn’t get to go home this Easter bankers due to work & other commitments - don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful time with some wonderful people doing some wonderful things but it gets to a certain point where I just need to get my fresh air fix & nothing quite cuts the mustard like going home to the Shropshire hills. Getting up high, breathing the fresh air deep into my lungs & taking in these scenes is like pressing a gentle reset button, a full body, mind & soul cleanse.

I feel lucky that I get to call the infamous Shropshire hills home - it feels sometimes like a bit of a secret that we keep for ourselves, as not many people have actually been or know where it is...but when they visit, will keep returning to, to enjoy it’s delights.

Myself & @happyheads.me brought a bunch of beautiful women to Shropshire in January for our 1st Happy & Wild retreat & we still all talk about it & meet up to do yoga together!

I’m really excited to be returning in July to host another magical 4 days at The Wandering William & to share my home with others.

The retreat is full with morning meditations (in your pj’s), ALL of the yoga, invigorating & explorative workshops, hiking in these hills & vallys, foraging in the local forest, a fire circle under the stars, chanting & sound healing in the little yurt nestled within the zen garden, sleep meditations, reading, relaxing & more...

The food is plant based, locally sourced & delicious (my wonderful Mom: yoga teacher & Ayurvedic cook in on board again). Vegan options available.

We have already booked a few of the rooms but early bird tickets are still available ☀️

For a retreat package mail me on

deanne@wild-thing-yoga.com xx