Remembering India...

It’s good to look back on pics sometimes & when I just found this, a whole host of different emotions flooded my mind...I had just graduated from my yogi teacher training, the sun was hot, my body was kinda broken / kinda on fucking fire, I felt unstoppably wild. Jumping in the ocean to cool down was just a given. This jump says so much, I was elated.


I learnt so much & everyday that education grows. Without sounding totally twaty, little did I know that my whole life was gonna be changing from that point forever.

Im posting this pic today because India & the hot heat seems like a million miles away in this grey arsehole of a day but I generally don’t let the weather get me down really, as I have yoga.

In my mind, in my body & in my soul.

Turns out, always have...just needed to unlock it.

Pretty much everyday I teach yoga now & I love it & never want it become the norm, or a ‘job’ - luckily every day is totally different. Different energy, different people, different vibe. I still DJ & love it when I do - collectively I guess what I ‘do’ is make people feel & make people move...just in slightly different ways.

Anyway, I’m going on - maybe it was the long walk this morning in the wild or maybe I’m just feeling pretty grateful for this life.

Whatever it is, I wanted to share it.

I’m totally stoked about the collaborations I’m working on, the people I’m connecting with & the regular bods that turn up & constantly support what I’m doing. I’m grateful for the wonderful people around me in friends & family.

I’m teaching my weekly Wednesday class tonight @kreativhouse_ 7-8 in Hackney.

It’s £8 to drop by & mats, water & vibes are provided.

Tomorrow I’m Shoreditch based, at 8-9am & @proteinwaterco 12-12.50.

No pressure to join but drop me a line if you do.

Big love 💛