This evening I’m back teaching a mindful flow as I do each & every Tuesday at my local, totally forward thinking docs, @richmondroadmedicalcentre 6.30-7.30pm.


Each week we all collectively leave after the hour feeling revived, refreshed & relaxed (I get so much from sharing a slow flow practice with such beautiful souls myself) and next month I’ll be joining the surgery & half of Hackney (!) when they open their doors for an open day on May 17th called ‘Healthy Minds’ where we invite you to join us at the practice to learn more about the work that the surgery does to support everyone equally.

They decided the change the name from ‘Mental Health Awareness’ to let go of the stigma around the word ‘mental’ (something that was talked about in the panel on Saturday for Self Care Revolution).

This time last year they decided to offer in house Yoga & meditation to support not only patients but all members of the local community who may (or may not) be suffering from stress, anxiety, burn out, fatigue or any other worries as an alternative to counseling or medication.

The past year has been transformational for so many people but also for me, being able to share yoga to really help people & what we’ve created is a wonderful little group of regular yogis who enjoy taking time out to breath, to move & to connect.

Join us tonight, or any other Tuesday evening & maybe next month to see what it’s all about - someday soon all NHS practices will hopefully be offering holistic feel good options within their centres.

I’m hosting a wellness wing at the open day next month, so for anyone who wants to join me in making a difference in some way within the local Hackney community, do get in touch.