Throwing back to shooting in sequins & pink DM’s for a DJ feature in @companymagazine 6 years ago! 💕.

A lot of you guys here on my yogi profile don’t actually know that I’m also a DJ. My two different lives couldn’t be more different but also so very similar - I love holding space for people to express themselves, to let themselves go & be whoever they want to be, finding movement & seeking freedom.

This time of year is always really busy for me as a DJ & often I can feel burnt out by the endless parties & late nights - this year I’m enjoying striking more of a balance than I’ve ever done - selecting to play just a handful of events & spending a lot more time on the mat. I love playing music as that’s just such a big part of me, music is my passion, has been all of my life as I started life as a dancer & having an ace Dad who also used to DJ - I’ve grown up with it & it just runs through my whole families blood, the love of moving to great music.


I’ve know for years that I’d be a yoga teacher & that at some point I’d slow down the fast paced music industry & move into nurturing people’s wellbeing, as my Mom is a teacher & has been for 19 years...right now I won’t give it up fully as I enjoy playing so much...but this balance is pretty sweet & this morning I’m feeling pretty humble about this wild life I’ve created. It’s brilliantly bonkers & I wouldn’t change a thing. 🖤