Such a small investment for big rewards. ✨

This time of year especially can see us spreading ourselves too thin - between so many different things: parties, friends, family, finalizing work & deadlines before the holidays & again like my post yesterday mentioned - can arrive at Christmas a little broken & in need of rescuing.

Invest in rest, always. Even taking 30 mins out for a nap, saying no to that one thing you know could tip you over the edge or make you sick, getting proper sleep, taking time for you. It doesn’t need to cost a thing, just acknowledging that you need rest & pouring something back into YOU.

I’ve been overwhelmed with how many people are becoming more aware of this, just from this year of hosting retreats - people taking time out for themselves. We are fortunate to live in this day in age where wellness is rising to the forefront - more people are spending money this Christmas on themselves - booking into retreats for the holidays, taking yoga classes right up the big break to balance out silly season, eating well, drinking juice to balance the mulled wine & meditating - it’s inspiring!


We’re almost full on our January retreat in Shropshire on the flip side of Christmas, with people booking in to start their New Year in the most refreshing way. Buying themselves the best present off all & investing in their own health & wellbeing for Christmas, knowing that the experience will be there after the madness! It’s incredible & both myself & are overwhelmed.

We have 2 spaces left to join us on 24-27th January in Shropshire for 4 magical days of restoration.

I’m also curating our next yoga brunch event on the 6th January in Brighton to scoop everyone up on the first Sunday back to January life, inviting you into the warmth for an essential oils workshop, some deep breathing, a delicious yoga flow & then hearty healthy brunch with great people.

My weekly yoga classes will continue in London until Weds 19th & Brighton until Sat 22nd.

DM for details of retreats, events or classes & invest in rest xx

Pic credit: @theselfspace ✨