I intend on taking a digital cleanse over Christmas to allow myself to be fully present with those I care for most. How many times have you been in a room full of people & everyone is looking down to their screens? I don’t want a sedentary Christmas of scrolling through what other people are doing with their holidays & just watching endless television. I’ll use my time to enlighten myself by reading, using my mind to interact and play games with people, breathe in the freshness of the countryside, ask people questions & listen for the answers...but the main thing is to let go of comparison. To help keep my mind happy.

We spend so much time in this day in age comparing & it can be so hard hitting for our mental health. More & more I’m training my mind not to be affected by other people’s lives but instead focusing on what I have & appreciating where I am right now, with everyone in it.

Why don’t you take more time away from your screen this Christmas to give your mind the gift of contentment? 🎁