Finding softness in strength.

When we work into a warrior 2 posture or virabhadrasana II there’s a whole bunch of different things to be thinking about all at the same time - a lot like life.

The front knee should be stacked directly over the ankle at a 90 degree angle, but not too bent that you cannot see the big toe. The back hip is externally rotating open almost if facing the side wall yet the front hip is facing forward. Ensuring the body is upright we’re engaging the lower bodies bandhas & maybe leaning a tad back out of this, while pulling up the inner thighs. The shoulders should relax, almost sliding the shoulder blades either side of the spine & the body is rotating somewhat to face forward. The arms will be parallel with the shoulders, as if in a friendly game of tug of war but not lower or higher & your drishti or focus point will be forward down the centre line of your front hand & across the middle finger.

All of these things to think about, all at the same time & all for one simple yoga posture.

Trying to find the strength in your warrior all the while trying to lift up & out of the joints so as not to allow this to become heavy.

I always advise my clients & students to try & find the light, the lift & the softness in these strong postures & transitions - a lot like life. Sometimes when you overthink things & you’re in the practice you can forget this all too easily & things can weigh heavy on both the body & the mind. A lot like life.

It’s Friday, it’s almost the weekend - so let’s take a big deep breath into our lungs, sigh it right out (immediately feels good doesn’t it?) & spend the rest of today & into our weekends enjoying the softness, enjoying the round edges, enjoying the kindness - to ourselves & others.

Let’s take a load off & have a jolly nice time at this old thing called life shall we, because why oh why would we ever want anything to become to serious, too strong or weigh too heavy? 🤷🏼‍♀️