Sprinkle a little extra magic on your porridge, mix in your smoothie or stir into your coffee this morning because why the heck not, Monday’s need it most!


Monday can seem like such a dismal day, especially when it’s this gorgeous shade of grey...but see the start to this week as an exciting fresh start - the possibilities for the week are endless, let’s make it the best Monday we’ve ever had! ⚡️


Catch my open classes this week:

⚡️Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm @wearepopfit London.

⚡️ Thursday 5.45-6.45pm @studio_io Brighton.

⚡️ Saturday 11am-12pm @fitnesshubplus Brighton.


For a 1:1 private session DM me.

Looking forward to teaching all my private & corporate clients this week...see you on & off the mat. Happy Monday ❤️