Let’s just take a moment shall we to just, breathe babe! It’s not the hardest thing to do in the world so why do we allow ourselves to get stressed & get all up tight when we know we have breath to pull from out of our locker? We all know that if we just take a moment to sit & breathe - things will slot into place, we’ll find clarity in our mind & actually everything will be ok...so why don’t more of us just sit & breathe?

Take a breath before making that rash decision. Take a breath to think before saying something you later regret.

Take a breath to stop & remember you’re doing great.

JUST BREATHE BABE because it’s Friday, the end of the week is near & even though it’s raining & one of those kinda typical shit November days - you’re ace, your alive, it’s almost the weekend & life is way too short not to have a fucking fabulous time!

Happy Friday ❤️