This photo was taken just before I took a break from social stuff - I’ve kinda been in hibernation the past couple of weeks to fully embrace the festive break & stay present...I’ve definitely had to be present as this Christmas unlike those before hasn’t even allowed any time for Instagram or Facebook or anything else like that - I’ve been there for my family as they’ve really needed it. We’ve suffered quite a bit of trauma & we’ve had & are having some of the toughest times but I’m taking the positives from the negatives & seeing this as a life lesson - to slow down, to take & make time...we spend so much time trying to do it all that sometimes we push the limits. Health is so important. Family, unity, kindness, love & support are so so important.

The year came to a close in a different way than I had planned & this year has started off in a different way than I had planned but things can only get better from this point & I’m really looking forward to going deeper into this journey of helping people & to help myself.


My calling in life is to care, to love, to show kindness & support ~ this is what I do & will continue to do through yoga. I’m so grateful I have this.

Although a little cloudy, I’ve created some New Year’s intentions rather than resolutions.

I have so many plans & I cannot wait to share them with you all...

I’ll be back to teachings this Saturday in Brighton @fitnesshubplus & then really looking forward to hosting my first event of the year at @exeterstreethall Brighton with @oatkitchen & @rachelmcdermottyoga this Sunday. We have a couple of spaces left to join us from 9.30am-12.30pm for an oils workshop, some deep cleansing breathing, a yoga flow to restore & refresh, followed by a delicious healthy hearty brunch.

This is just the beginning.

Classes resume in London on Weds 9th & I’ll be back at @studio_io on Thursday 10th.

We have plans for a London Wild Oats yoga brunch & we have just 1 space left on our Happy & Wild wellness retreat at the end of the month.

Sending the biggest of love to you all, here’s to good times & Happy New Year xx


This photo pretty much sums up my life right now.

Happiest when in this special place, walking, breathing in the freshest of air, having time with my family, allowing my mind to be free, creating shapes & moving my bones each day, loving my pooch & being loved fully in return but most importantly slowing down the pace of life.

The next few days will continue a lot like this, just with the addition of my man who is en route to Shropshire, more walks & maybe just a bit more food! Happy times, happy Christmas 🖤


I intend on taking a digital cleanse over Christmas to allow myself to be fully present with those I care for most. How many times have you been in a room full of people & everyone is looking down to their screens? I don’t want a sedentary Christmas of scrolling through what other people are doing with their holidays & just watching endless television. I’ll use my time to enlighten myself by reading, using my mind to interact and play games with people, breathe in the freshness of the countryside, ask people questions & listen for the answers...but the main thing is to let go of comparison. To help keep my mind happy.

We spend so much time in this day in age comparing & it can be so hard hitting for our mental health. More & more I’m training my mind not to be affected by other people’s lives but instead focusing on what I have & appreciating where I am right now, with everyone in it.

Why don’t you take more time away from your screen this Christmas to give your mind the gift of contentment? 🎁

See you on the other side...💫

In 3 weeks time, after all of the magical madness of Christmas - myself, @rachelmcdermottyoga & @oatkitchen invite you to join us for another yoga brunch event - to spend a magical first Sunday morning of the year in Brighton together, on Sunday 6th Jan 2019.

The morning will begin with an introduction to oils workshop with Rachel, letting you know about the powerful benefits of using scents & essential oils for health, guiding you through ways create your own scent to use throughout the day & to take home with you.


With the big beautiful hall being bathed in candlelight, I will then lead pranayama to rid the body of toxins for a deep cleanse, followed by a juicy slow flow to open up the entire body after the festivities, finding freedom in the the mind and creating intentions to begin the New Year in the most inspiring way, to start as you mean to go on...

The day will come to a close with a delicous nourishing hearty Winter plant based brunch from the wonderful @oatkitchen, with great conversation with like minded souls, connecting with new friends.

Come alone or with some friends for a refreshing alternative Sunday morning & a brilliant fresh way to see in the year at @exeterstreethall Prestonville, Brighton.

Email for full details & to book your place at our Sunday Soother.

Tickets are £35 & can be booked through thepaypal link below.


See you beside the sea for a beautiful sensory Sunday morning xx

#regram @Rachel lmcdermottyoga ~ Sunday vibes x

Such a small investment for big rewards. ✨

This time of year especially can see us spreading ourselves too thin - between so many different things: parties, friends, family, finalizing work & deadlines before the holidays & again like my post yesterday mentioned - can arrive at Christmas a little broken & in need of rescuing.

Invest in rest, always. Even taking 30 mins out for a nap, saying no to that one thing you know could tip you over the edge or make you sick, getting proper sleep, taking time for you. It doesn’t need to cost a thing, just acknowledging that you need rest & pouring something back into YOU.

I’ve been overwhelmed with how many people are becoming more aware of this, just from this year of hosting retreats - people taking time out for themselves. We are fortunate to live in this day in age where wellness is rising to the forefront - more people are spending money this Christmas on themselves - booking into retreats for the holidays, taking yoga classes right up the big break to balance out silly season, eating well, drinking juice to balance the mulled wine & meditating - it’s inspiring!


We’re almost full on our January retreat in Shropshire on the flip side of Christmas, with people booking in to start their New Year in the most refreshing way. Buying themselves the best present off all & investing in their own health & wellbeing for Christmas, knowing that the experience will be there after the madness! It’s incredible & both myself & are overwhelmed.

We have 2 spaces left to join us on 24-27th January in Shropshire for 4 magical days of restoration.

I’m also curating our next yoga brunch event on the 6th January in Brighton to scoop everyone up on the first Sunday back to January life, inviting you into the warmth for an essential oils workshop, some deep breathing, a delicious yoga flow & then hearty healthy brunch with great people.

My weekly yoga classes will continue in London until Weds 19th & Brighton until Sat 22nd.

DM for details of retreats, events or classes & invest in rest xx

Pic credit: @theselfspace ✨

Throwing back to shooting in sequins & pink DM’s for a DJ feature in @companymagazine 6 years ago! 💕.

A lot of you guys here on my yogi profile don’t actually know that I’m also a DJ. My two different lives couldn’t be more different but also so very similar - I love holding space for people to express themselves, to let themselves go & be whoever they want to be, finding movement & seeking freedom.

This time of year is always really busy for me as a DJ & often I can feel burnt out by the endless parties & late nights - this year I’m enjoying striking more of a balance than I’ve ever done - selecting to play just a handful of events & spending a lot more time on the mat. I love playing music as that’s just such a big part of me, music is my passion, has been all of my life as I started life as a dancer & having an ace Dad who also used to DJ - I’ve grown up with it & it just runs through my whole families blood, the love of moving to great music.


I’ve know for years that I’d be a yoga teacher & that at some point I’d slow down the fast paced music industry & move into nurturing people’s wellbeing, as my Mom is a teacher & has been for 19 years...right now I won’t give it up fully as I enjoy playing so much...but this balance is pretty sweet & this morning I’m feeling pretty humble about this wild life I’ve created. It’s brilliantly bonkers & I wouldn’t change a thing. 🖤

WOW WOW WOW - just so so proud of this incredible man & his practice - @richmondroadmedicalcentre. 🏆

Highly commended for GP practitioner of the year!

It’s been an absolute honour to have been a part of the magic movement within this practice, teaching weekly yoga to help people’s mental health & although I no longer teach there, I’ll keep watching their soaring success & ever growing enthusiasm to break the stigma of the @nhsenglandldn being old fashioned. Constantly inspired by everyone’s hard work driven by Dr Mehta...making a doctors practice more personable & being open minded to offer alternative ways of helping people get back to health.

Hats off for all of your hard work 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


We flowed together bathed in candlelight, with rain hammering the roof...we knew we were safe ~ we had the breath, the movement & the space ✨


Finding softness in strength.

When we work into a warrior 2 posture or virabhadrasana II there’s a whole bunch of different things to be thinking about all at the same time - a lot like life.

The front knee should be stacked directly over the ankle at a 90 degree angle, but not too bent that you cannot see the big toe. The back hip is externally rotating open almost if facing the side wall yet the front hip is facing forward. Ensuring the body is upright we’re engaging the lower bodies bandhas & maybe leaning a tad back out of this, while pulling up the inner thighs. The shoulders should relax, almost sliding the shoulder blades either side of the spine & the body is rotating somewhat to face forward. The arms will be parallel with the shoulders, as if in a friendly game of tug of war but not lower or higher & your drishti or focus point will be forward down the centre line of your front hand & across the middle finger.

All of these things to think about, all at the same time & all for one simple yoga posture.

Trying to find the strength in your warrior all the while trying to lift up & out of the joints so as not to allow this to become heavy.

I always advise my clients & students to try & find the light, the lift & the softness in these strong postures & transitions - a lot like life. Sometimes when you overthink things & you’re in the practice you can forget this all too easily & things can weigh heavy on both the body & the mind. A lot like life.

It’s Friday, it’s almost the weekend - so let’s take a big deep breath into our lungs, sigh it right out (immediately feels good doesn’t it?) & spend the rest of today & into our weekends enjoying the softness, enjoying the round edges, enjoying the kindness - to ourselves & others.

Let’s take a load off & have a jolly nice time at this old thing called life shall we, because why oh why would we ever want anything to become to serious, too strong or weigh too heavy? 🤷🏼‍♀️



Sprinkle a little extra magic on your porridge, mix in your smoothie or stir into your coffee this morning because why the heck not, Monday’s need it most!


Monday can seem like such a dismal day, especially when it’s this gorgeous shade of grey...but see the start to this week as an exciting fresh start - the possibilities for the week are endless, let’s make it the best Monday we’ve ever had! ⚡️


Catch my open classes this week:

⚡️Wednesday 7.30-8.30pm @wearepopfit London.

⚡️ Thursday 5.45-6.45pm @studio_io Brighton.

⚡️ Saturday 11am-12pm @fitnesshubplus Brighton.


For a 1:1 private session DM me.

Looking forward to teaching all my private & corporate clients this week...see you on & off the mat. Happy Monday ❤️


Let’s just take a moment shall we to just, breathe babe! It’s not the hardest thing to do in the world so why do we allow ourselves to get stressed & get all up tight when we know we have breath to pull from out of our locker? We all know that if we just take a moment to sit & breathe - things will slot into place, we’ll find clarity in our mind & actually everything will be why don’t more of us just sit & breathe?

Take a breath before making that rash decision. Take a breath to think before saying something you later regret.

Take a breath to stop & remember you’re doing great.

JUST BREATHE BABE because it’s Friday, the end of the week is near & even though it’s raining & one of those kinda typical shit November days - you’re ace, your alive, it’s almost the weekend & life is way too short not to have a fucking fabulous time!

Happy Friday ❤️



Today is #worldmentalhealthday.

Maybe today take the time to ask yourself ‘how am I?’ and take the time to answer with an honest truth.


Maybe take the time to ask someone how they are & stick around for the honest answer, not just the first one. Be kind to others, be kind to yourselves.

Let’s soften those hard edges & melt into one another.

Today like any other day can be the best or the worst, let’s make it the very best.

Thank you @mattzhaig x

I’m really enjoying the freedom that this new home chapter is bringing - aside from the fact that I’ve taken these 2 weeks off to build my nest, my mind is full of fresh ideas - for flows, for practice, for events, retreats, life plans & everything in between. I finally have the space I was seeking.


The word ALLOW had been coming into my mind in London a lot - allow it to unfold, give it time, be patient (something I’m not altogether that great at -there, I’ve admitted it!) but I tried to allow in all areas of my life & it now just feels we’re taking the day off painting & unpacking our home by the sea in Brighton. We’re gonna go paddle boarding, practice yoga, mooch our new area & enjoy the sunshine - bedding into this place that already feels so much like home.

When things can get too much, just allow it to happen - something I think Londoners can get bogged down with, not naturally allowing & giving things the space & time they need to process, grow, open up & develop...

Anywho, that’s just me...but this piece of art from @liviacoloji represents this chapter in my life so well, so I thought I’d share it x


Yoga, on & off the mat always.

To live a yogic way of living is a good life. Being kind to yourself, being kind to others, not being greedy, hard, unkind, being able to listen & learn.

I thank the people who show up to my classes for being able to share, create, listen, learn & grow - being present & open to give & receive from the practice. Each day I share the physical sense of yoga, I am grateful for being able to do so, every person that choses to join me, I am grateful for & will forever be.

My life is much more simple now, I know what makes me feel good & I actively seek & surround myself with it. This morning I woke up with so much gratitude for the simple, magical life.

The sweet life.


It’s the weekend - take time to do the things that soothe the soul, take rest, time out, time with friends, loved ones. Sit in a sunbeam & enjoy the warmth on your face...whatever you do, so it with kindness, to yourself & others.

We’re all so busy in this crazy city & we love to tell people about how ‘busy’ we are - why do we need to always be so busy?! Often we forget to stop, breathe & be. It’s so important.

I’m bit over the ‘self care / love’ that’s being widely used but you get it...just a bit of time for you, to slow shit down & enjoy yourself xxx



After a looooooong weekend of DJing in wet fields of fun in the far far North & an epic rain fuelled drive home through the early morning hours (guided by the big beautiful moon was a massive help), my week is deffo starting at a slightly slower pace than usual & with my legs well & truly up the wall...

There are so many benefits from viparita karani - I’m using it to flow the blood back around the body from standing & sitting in equal measures, to alleviate tiredness & to restore me. So simple, so affective.

I took my mat with me & practiced each day up in the Lakes before hitting the festival & I really enjoyed the focus it brought & the space I created in the body in mind before playing this weekend.


Sunny park yoga & shoulder stands with the babes of @nellyduff this nice to have the bunting, trees & glistening sunshine as our view in our savasana... 

L O V E  I S  F R E E D O M

I was part of @justbreathelondon’s grand gathering last week at @britishmuseum where the theme was LOVE. 750 people talking about love, asking about love & questioning love. We were asked what it meant to us & a lot of people answered: FREEDOM.


There is no other feeling like it.

To love & be loved. To feel love. To be love. To love what you do. Love for something, someone.

It’s all love & it feels so good.

Here I felt total freedom, I still do each & every day - passionate with what I do, create & share...


‘Love liberates. It doesn’t just hold - that’s ego. Love liberates.’ Maya Angelou.