Let’s just take a moment shall we to just, breathe babe! It’s not the hardest thing to do in the world so why do we allow ourselves to get stressed & get all up tight when we know we have breath to pull from out of our locker? We all know that if we just take a moment to sit & breathe - things will slot into place, we’ll find clarity in our mind & actually everything will be ok...so why don’t more of us just sit & breathe?

Take a breath before making that rash decision. Take a breath to think before saying something you later regret.

Take a breath to stop & remember you’re doing great.

JUST BREATHE BABE because it’s Friday, the end of the week is near & even though it’s raining & one of those kinda typical shit November days - you’re ace, your alive, it’s almost the weekend & life is way too short not to have a fucking fabulous time!

Happy Friday ❤️



Today is #worldmentalhealthday.

Maybe today take the time to ask yourself ‘how am I?’ and take the time to answer with an honest truth.


Maybe take the time to ask someone how they are & stick around for the honest answer, not just the first one. Be kind to others, be kind to yourselves.

Let’s soften those hard edges & melt into one another.

Today like any other day can be the best or the worst, let’s make it the very best.

Thank you @mattzhaig x

I’m really enjoying the freedom that this new home chapter is bringing - aside from the fact that I’ve taken these 2 weeks off to build my nest, my mind is full of fresh ideas - for flows, for practice, for events, retreats, life plans & everything in between. I finally have the space I was seeking.


The word ALLOW had been coming into my mind in London a lot - allow it to unfold, give it time, be patient (something I’m not altogether that great at -there, I’ve admitted it!) but I tried to allow in all areas of my life & it now just feels right...today we’re taking the day off painting & unpacking our home by the sea in Brighton. We’re gonna go paddle boarding, practice yoga, mooch our new area & enjoy the sunshine - bedding into this place that already feels so much like home.

When things can get too much, just allow it to happen - something I think Londoners can get bogged down with, not naturally allowing & giving things the space & time they need to process, grow, open up & develop...

Anywho, that’s just me...but this piece of art from @liviacoloji represents this chapter in my life so well, so I thought I’d share it x


Yoga, on & off the mat always.

To live a yogic way of living is a good life. Being kind to yourself, being kind to others, not being greedy, hard, unkind, being able to listen & learn.

I thank the people who show up to my classes for being able to share, create, listen, learn & grow - being present & open to give & receive from the practice. Each day I share the physical sense of yoga, I am grateful for being able to do so, every person that choses to join me, I am grateful for & will forever be.

My life is much more simple now, I know what makes me feel good & I actively seek & surround myself with it. This morning I woke up with so much gratitude for the simple, magical life.

The sweet life.


It’s the weekend - take time to do the things that soothe the soul, take rest, time out, time with friends, loved ones. Sit in a sunbeam & enjoy the warmth on your face...whatever you do, so it with kindness, to yourself & others.

We’re all so busy in this crazy city & we love to tell people about how ‘busy’ we are - why do we need to always be so busy?! Often we forget to stop, breathe & be. It’s so important.

I’m bit over the ‘self care / love’ that’s being widely used but you get it...just a bit of time for you, to slow shit down & enjoy yourself xxx



After a looooooong weekend of DJing in wet fields of fun in the far far North & an epic rain fuelled drive home through the early morning hours (guided by the big beautiful moon was a massive help), my week is deffo starting at a slightly slower pace than usual & with my legs well & truly up the wall...

There are so many benefits from viparita karani - I’m using it to flow the blood back around the body from standing & sitting in equal measures, to alleviate tiredness & to restore me. So simple, so affective.

I took my mat with me & practiced each day up in the Lakes before hitting the festival & I really enjoyed the focus it brought & the space I created in the body in mind before playing this weekend.


Sunny park yoga & shoulder stands with the babes of @nellyduff this lunchtime...so nice to have the bunting, trees & glistening sunshine as our view in our savasana... 

L O V E  I S  F R E E D O M

I was part of @justbreathelondon’s grand gathering last week at @britishmuseum where the theme was LOVE. 750 people talking about love, asking about love & questioning love. We were asked what it meant to us & a lot of people answered: FREEDOM.


There is no other feeling like it.

To love & be loved. To feel love. To be love. To love what you do. Love for something, someone.

It’s all love & it feels so good.

Here I felt total freedom, I still do each & every day - passionate with what I do, create & share...


‘Love liberates. It doesn’t just hold - that’s ego. Love liberates.’ Maya Angelou.


his week, join me on the mat:


T U E S D A Y:

@nellyduff morning warriors.

@richmondroadmedicalcentre 6.30-7.30pm.

W E D N E S D A Y:

@kreativhouse_ 7-8pm.

T H U R S D A Y:

@fly_ldn 7.30-8.15am.

F R I D A Y:

@proteinstudios 8.15-8.15am.

@shoreditch.house 1.30-2.30pm.

Still in glorious Shropshire & enjoying all this magical place has to offer, as well as the space to think, breathe, relax & create...my mind is full with ideas to bring back to London later today just after 2 days on the lake & in the hills, as well as new flows...





Join me on the mat this week:


@eastofeden17 12.30pm - vinyasa flow.

@richmondroadmedicalcentre 6.30pm - slow mindful flow.


@kreativhouse_ 7-8pm vinyasa flow.


@fly_ldn 7.30-8.15am slow flow.


@proteinstudios 8.15-9.15am vinyasa flow.

Looking forward to seeing you all this week Xx

S U N S H I N E = H A P P Y ☀️

Isn’t it crazy how much our moods are affected by the big ball of yellow in the sky.

People smile at each other, moods get lifted, problems fade & generally we’re a happier race. Oh to wake up to mornings like this every day & soak up that vitamin D...

This week is #mentalhealthawarenessweek & I couldn’t be happier to have a full week of teaching yoga to help enhance people’s mood through this wonderful magical practice.

Whether you’re affected mildly by symptoms or whether certain factors take a strong hold of you, come & join me this week to connect mind, body & breath - to slow down the fast pace of London life, to soak up the good vibes, to create space in the body & mind to flow with ease, to really breathe deep & to allow yourself to be.


The word ALLOW keeps coming to me.

ALLOW yourself to love.

ALLOW yourself to feel.

ALLOW yourself to be.

ALLOW yourself to live.

Just go with it, trust in yourself, trust in right now & ALLOW it to all happen...because it will.



T U E S D A Y.

Morning flow with @nellyduff (private).

Yin Yoga @thenedlondon 7-8pm.

W E D N E S D A Y.

Vinyasa flow @kreativhouse_ 6.45-7.45pm.

Vinyasa flow @shoreditch.house 8.15-9.15pm.

T H U R S D A Y.

Yoga core @shoreditch.house 8-9am.

Healthy minds event for #mentalhealthawarenessday @richmondroadmedicalcentre 2-6pm with 2 x yoga sessions.


Wake up flow @proteinstudios 8.15-9.15am.

Strong yoga @shoreditch.house 1.30-2.30pm.

S A T U R D A Y.

The Art Of Moving Slowly workshop @thenedlondon 10-11am.


Remembering India...

It’s good to look back on pics sometimes & when I just found this, a whole host of different emotions flooded my mind...I had just graduated from my yogi teacher training, the sun was hot, my body was kinda broken / kinda on fucking fire, I felt unstoppably wild. Jumping in the ocean to cool down was just a given. This jump says so much, I was elated.


I learnt so much & everyday that education grows. Without sounding totally twaty, little did I know that my whole life was gonna be changing from that point forever.

Im posting this pic today because India & the hot heat seems like a million miles away in this grey arsehole of a day but I generally don’t let the weather get me down really, as I have yoga.

In my mind, in my body & in my soul.

Turns out, always have...just needed to unlock it.

Pretty much everyday I teach yoga now & I love it & never want it become the norm, or a ‘job’ - luckily every day is totally different. Different energy, different people, different vibe. I still DJ & love it when I do - collectively I guess what I ‘do’ is make people feel & make people move...just in slightly different ways.

Anyway, I’m going on - maybe it was the long walk this morning in the wild or maybe I’m just feeling pretty grateful for this life.

Whatever it is, I wanted to share it.

I’m totally stoked about the collaborations I’m working on, the people I’m connecting with & the regular bods that turn up & constantly support what I’m doing. I’m grateful for the wonderful people around me in friends & family.

I’m teaching my weekly Wednesday class tonight @kreativhouse_ 7-8 in Hackney.

It’s £8 to drop by & mats, water & vibes are provided.

Tomorrow I’m Shoreditch based, at @shoreditch.house 8-9am & @proteinwaterco 12-12.50.

No pressure to join but drop me a line if you do.

Big love 💛

This evening I’m back teaching a mindful flow as I do each & every Tuesday at my local, totally forward thinking docs, @richmondroadmedicalcentre 6.30-7.30pm.


Each week we all collectively leave after the hour feeling revived, refreshed & relaxed (I get so much from sharing a slow flow practice with such beautiful souls myself) and next month I’ll be joining the surgery & half of Hackney (!) when they open their doors for an open day on May 17th called ‘Healthy Minds’ where we invite you to join us at the practice to learn more about the work that the surgery does to support everyone equally.

They decided the change the name from ‘Mental Health Awareness’ to let go of the stigma around the word ‘mental’ (something that was talked about in the panel on Saturday for Self Care Revolution).

This time last year they decided to offer in house Yoga & meditation to support not only patients but all members of the local community who may (or may not) be suffering from stress, anxiety, burn out, fatigue or any other worries as an alternative to counseling or medication.

The past year has been transformational for so many people but also for me, being able to share yoga to really help people & what we’ve created is a wonderful little group of regular yogis who enjoy taking time out to breath, to move & to connect.

Join us tonight, or any other Tuesday evening & maybe next month to see what it’s all about - someday soon all NHS practices will hopefully be offering holistic feel good options within their centres.

I’m hosting a wellness wing at the open day next month, so for anyone who wants to join me in making a difference in some way within the local Hackney community, do get in touch.